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Dog Training & Behaviour Modification

1. An initial consultation is set up via telephone or zoom call. This allows me to gather some information on yourself and the dog and what you would like to get out of a session. 

From there we can assess a personalised training plan.  

2. Training occurs in your chosen location or home where I talk you through every step of the way and provide you with a behaviour plan. 

3. Online and telephone support throughout the training plan. 

Initial assessment for new clients $20 - The $20 shall come off the price of your first training session if you go ahead. 

1:1 Training/behaviour modification session $70

6 Week Training Course $350

*Travel costs for areas outside of Mission Beach 50c a Km - For example Innisfail is an additional $25

Prices: About

1:1 Puppy Training

Have you just got a new puppy and do not know where to begin? 

Maybe your puppy is a few months older and is now fully confident and you could do with some guidance. 

Here at The Pet Listener we offer private puppy training sessions in your chosen location. 

I believe private sessions are a great way to teach your dog the foundations they need. 

1. All sessions are tailor made to suit your needs so we can concentrate on what you would like to train and focus on. Private sessions are very cost effective as less sessions are needed and more is learnt in a short space of time. 

2. Training within a group usually delays learning due to lack of concentration and frustration that they can’t play with the other dogs. Training in a quiet, controlled location one to one increases learning times. 

3. Socialisation is very important but it has to be done in a controlled manner that is monitored closely. This can be arranged as part of the training sessions. 

4. A full tailor made puppy guide and support is given throughout training. 

5. If you wish to do a trial session the price of the first consultation ($50) shall be taken off the 6 week course price. 

$50 per session 

6 Week Course $250

Group Classes Coming January 2024 

Prices: About
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